Fu Research Group

Discovering the Beauty of Life with Technology

Research Overview

Life relies on complex, dynamic and 3D interactions between trillions of cells across space and time. Our lab develops bioimaging, bioelectronics and computational tools to quantitatively study living organisms, from the molecular to multicellular scales. 

We work on novel optical microscopy and bioelectronics for multimodal imaging and manipulation of living organisms with high resolution and minimum invasiveness. Leveraging these technologies, we aim to study molecular and subcellular dynamics within living multicellular organisms to address questions in cell and developmental biology, neuroscience and tissue-device interface. 

Optical Imaging


Biomedical Research

About the Lab

The lab is jointly affiliated with the Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering and with the Omenn Darling Bioengineering Institute at Princeton University. We develop technology to have a wide and deep impact on biomedical research.