Courses Teaching

Past three decades have witnessed an explosion of new forms of optical microscopy that allows us to study living systems with unprecedented details. This course aims to cut through the confusion of the wide array of new imaging methods by offering both a unified theoretical framework and practical descriptions of the pros and cons of each. In addition, this course will also explore advances in computational tools, especially recent advances in deep learning, for image visualization and quantification.

Bioelectronics plays an increasingly vital role in fundamental research, therapeutics, and everyday life. This course explores the basic principles of bioelectronics and their applications in biomedicine. The first part of the course will cover the fundamentals of bioelectricity, different types of biosensors, and related signal processing. The second part of the course will introduce the interface between bioelectronics and biological systems and the applications of bioelectronics devices in neuroscience, cardiology, tissue engineering, and wearable technologies.