Assisted by technology breakthroughs, past decades have witnessed major revolutions in genetics, structural biology, and biochemistry. Together, these revolutions have revealed the fundamental architecture of life. Now, we are at the cusp to integrate all the knowledge obtained to understand how the fundamental architecture of life dynamically interact and coordinate inside multicellular organisms. It is these interactions and coordination across space and time that orchestrate the symphony of life, which is defined by its animate nature.

The interdisciplinary research going on in our group is a trio of technology development, quantitative modeling, and biology study. By inventing bioimaging (super-resolution, light sheet, adaptive optics etc.), bioelectronics (nanoelectronics, flexible electronics etc.), and computational (deep learning etc.) tools, we aim to map and modulate molecular and subcellular dynamics inside spatially heterogenous and temporally dynamic living organisms to answer questions in cell and developmental biology, neuroscience and tissue-device interface. 

Cancer Metastasis

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Neural Circuit Assembly

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